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Post Primary School Admissions Criteria Published

Dear Yr7 Parents

The EA published all admissions criteria for post-primary secondary and grammar schools this morning.

These can be accessed at


I have read through the admissions criteria for the schools that generally come up as choices for our pupils and collated them onto a grid.

This grid will be emailed to Yr7 parents today.

This will hopefully provide some initial guidance for you.

However, you are still strongly advised to closely check all criteria for yourself.

In addition, where schools request letters of verification these will be supplied by myself.

You now have the month of February to reflect upon these criteria and to consider how particular schools may best meet the needs of your child. 

As previously stated: stay calm, do your research, keep the children calm; we will get through this. 

I will arrange a zoom call with all Yr7 parents later in the month to discuss the online application process which opens on 1 March.

Hope this is helpful.