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Key Stage 2 - P5, P6 & P7





This Safer Internet Day we are encouraging everyone to think about reliability and trust online. What do you feel you can do to create #AnInternetWeTrust? What do you think others can do – social media and gaming companies, government, teachers or their classmates?


So what can you do today?

  • Interact with the SID Virtual Assembly by clicking here.
  • Why not try the Safer Internet Day Quiz here?
  • Or use the template below to explore how we can all work together to question the online world and challenge ourselves and the people/apps we interact with to change the internet for the better.
  • Watch the video 'Caught in the Web' about Lost Princess. Watch it with an adult or carer and together you could create some discussion questions about the story. You could make a comic strip to retell what happened, or draw your own online avatar like Lost Princess and White Knight. What would your avatar look like? What would it tell people about you?

Safer Internet Day Template - customise & share!

You could fill the magnifying glass with ideas about how we can create #AnInternetWeTrust. This could be:

  • Questions to ask when you are looking at information online, for example: Who wrote this? Why was it written?
  • Words or questions we can ask to help us spot if something is reliable online.
  • Illustrations of what a better, more trustworthy internet could look like. Or images of online clues that may make something seem less reliable or trustworthy.
  • Pledges of what you will do to help create a more trustworthy internet, such as, “I will only share things I have checked are true” or “I will support my friends if fake news upsets them.”
  • You can also fill in the #AnInternetWeTrust hashtag template in any way they like! Try you make your page really eye catching to share your message.

Why not take a photo of the decorated template and share it with you teacher or the school's social media, maybe a parent or career will want to share the template or hashtag online too.

Caught in the Web - Newsround

Still image for this video

Other ways to get involved...

Click the titles to follow the links.


Parents and Carers Pack

Why not share the Safer Internet Day resources pack for parents and carers? It includes activities, conversation starters and information to help parents and carers talk to their children about how to navigate the issue of reliability of information online in a safe, responsible and engaging way. You can find some of the documents in the parents and carers section on the previous page.


BBC Video Lessons

Working in partnership with the BBC to support educators, young people and parents and carers to take part in Safer Internet Day at home and school. BBC Teach will be launching a new BBC Live Lesson for Safer Internet Day and you can check out BBC Own it for lots of new Safer Internet Day content.


Safer Internet Day Films

Share any of the Safer Internet Day films for pupils, parents and families, available at link to watch at home. You could use the the videos to start a discussion with your adult friends as well as your children.


Virtual Event in partnership with Liverpool FC (1.30pm-2.30pm on 9th Feb)

On Safer Internet Day, in partnership with Liverpool FC SID are streaming an exciting live event for young people aged 9-11. This will include exclusive content from Liverpool Football Club – virtual tours, footage from players and the community, as well as Mighty Red – in addition to lots about Safer Internet Day and this year’s theme.