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Moneyrea Nursery opened on the 4th September 2018, following the closure of Toddle In Pre-school Playgroup. Toddle In had a proud and distinguished reputation in Moneyreagh for the high quality of provision it offered over a period of thirty years.


The Nursery is part of Moneyrea Primary School and is governed and managed by the Board of Governors, chaired by Mr P Moore, Head of Early Years, Mrs C Floyd and Principal, Mr R Greer.


Our first Nursery teacher is Mrs D Halsall, who is assisted by Mrs G Best and Mrs K Firth. Together they teach our 28 part-time pupils.


Over the summer holidays the Toddle In building was transformed into a top notch facility, thanks to the investment of funds by the Department of Education and the Education Authority.


We are delighted with this new addition to our school and look forward to many successful years ahead.