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Lagan College Letter

Lagan College Important Letter for Parent(s)/ Carer(s) of P6 students in relation to Transfer 2021

Ordinarily Lagan College, situated in South Belfast, has used the outcome of the AQE or GL Assessments as part of our Admissions Policy, Stage 1 Grammar Entry, representing 35% of our annual intake of 200 children each year.

The recent Covid 19 pandemic has had a major impact on all our lives including the P6 children, who have been out of school since March 2020, with continued uncertainty about their school provision going forward.

After much, careful deliberation, the Board of Governors and Principal, have decided that this year, in response to the exceptional circumstances that the P6 children are experiencing and on wellbeing grounds, Lagan College will not accept any form of academic selection as part of the P7 transfer process in 2021.

Our school will also not act as a GL Assessment Centre or an overflow AQE Assessment Centre in December.
We sincerely apologise for any concern that this may cause to P6 families. However, we believe that this is the right decision for Lagan College to take and in keeping with our integrated, inclusive and all ability ethos.

Our Admissions Policy for 2021 will be published by the Education Authority (EA) in the Autumn and it will make no reference to academic selection. The policy will be largely based on our existing Stage 2 All Ability Entry criteria.

Going forward, we will continue to care for and meet the needs of children of all abilities, at a learning pace that is appropriate to help each individual child flourish and achieve their potential.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Francis Martin
Chair of Lagan College’s Board of Governors

Mrs Amanda McNamee