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Gooseberry Planet

This week sees the launch of the school’s new online safety programme – Gooseberry Planet.

Gooseberry School supports learning about online safety in a unique way, with students using an online game as part of a structured learning programme. The programme offers access to safety advice for pupils, teachers and parents.

Our pupils will be playing as a character called Taff, who will be introduced to all classes this week. You may spot a little green gooseberry around the walls of the school this week – that’s Taff and we are excited to welcome him to join our school.

Taff faces real life scenarios that the pupils might expect to encounter online. Learning takes places through problem solving, promoting positive choices and online behaviours. The game includes different levels and scenarios that are designed to be flexible and adaptable, depending upon the learning needs of the children. A workbook sits alongside the game for the children to record their learning and progress.

The Gooseberry Planet resource area is full of tips and advice for parents and carers to support them in being part of your child’s learning journey, and the school will send home regular advice sheets to coincide with what pupils have been working on in school.

We are really excited about this new programme and its importance in preparing our children to engage confidently, but most importantly, safely when active online.