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Farewell Zoom

Teachers will be facilitating a zoom meeting for their classes this week :

The ID and Password will be sent out in the Parent WhatsApp and by email on the day before.

In the interests of child protection :

1. Do not share this login
2. Please do not record the zoom meeting or screenshot
3. Parents of younger children will need to be with them on the zoom -Nursery -Y3
4. Parents of older children should be in the vicinity, within earshot.

To avoid a teacher monologue it would be a good idea if the children are prepared to show something they have made during lockdown or share a funny lockdown story or memory. (Brief)

Nursery Zoom - Thurs 25 at 10.00am

Year1 Zoom - Tues 23 at 10.00am

Year 2 Zoom - Wed 24 at 10.00am

Year3 Zoom -Thurs 25 at 11.00am

Year 4 Zoom -Thurs 25th at 1.00pm

Year5 Zoom -Tues 23rd at 11.00am

Year 6 Zoom -Wed 24th at midday

Year 7 Zoom - Wed 24th at 9.00am


PLEASE don’t forget to send in photos of the children beside the banner at the front of the school


Ian will be in on Thursday morning to take any individual or socially distanced friendship groups in or out of uniform.

Roy Greer