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Be Courageous

To our amazing Yr7s and wonderful prefects. We are thinking about you as you find out your new schools tomorrow.

We know that whatever the colour of your next blazer, whatever the name on your front pocket, you will be brilliant. You have so many talents to bring with you to your new class and many more talents still to discover.

I know that some of you will be elated tomorrow when you receive your news, others may well be disappointed. Be sensitive to each other; be happy for your friends who are joyful and reassure your friends who are disappointed.

You must all realise that you are not defined by your new school tie; you will be defined by your determination to follow your ambitions, to adapt to changing circumstances, to live your best life every day and to see the needs of others first and needs of our fragile earth.

I know that you have lost out more than most children in this pandemic: school show, leavers’ assembly, sports day, friendship circle and Loch Insh. We all feel your loss, but you are resilient, you are strong and you are blessed. You are the class of 2020 and you are unique. You have a story to tell and new chapters to write.

You will be fantastic, you don’t need to be afraid. Everyone at home and at Moneyrea has faith in you as you go forward.

Mr Greer x