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Year 7

Welcome to Year 7

In the event of school closure, parents will be able to access work from the "Home Learning" section above for the children to do at home.


Literacy and Numeracy activities will be uploaded each month, along with a weekly learning overview. Ideas for WAU work will also be provided with useful links, videos and apps.


Curriculum resources for Art, ICT, STEM, PDMU and PE can be found beneath this post. Over the Home Learning period we will add specific lessons in these areas, but feel free to use the more general activities provided to supplement learning.


Year 7 will continue with interactive work through Google Classroom, which can be accessed on computer, tablet or phone. A number of tasks, worksheets and activities will be posted each week on Google Classroom. Passwords for Bug Club, Sum Dog, Gooseberry Planet and Google Classroom are included with the work packs.


All of the work posted does not need to be completed, we understand that this is a difficult time and everyone's situation is different. We just encourage you to do the best you can as parents and pupils (to try and assist with this we will upload marking schemes where possible).


Should you need to contact us during school closure our email addresses are:

Coronavirus - Explained for Children

Willis Events & Marketing have crated this video using current, available NHS advice. As parents of young children, our aim is to provide a tool to help parents explain the current events surrounding Coronavirus to their children.