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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

During school closure, parents will be able to access work from the "Home Learning" section of this page for their children.


Spellings, Spelling Activities and Tables will be uploaded each week, alongside worksheets for Literacy & Numeracy. Ideas for Topic work will also be provided. Useful links and apps will be included as appropriate.


Please continue to use Heinemann Maths Workbooks at home. I will include guidance as to the order in which these books should be completed, and provide answer sheets for assistance.


*Please supervise your children when they follow weblinks. As each household will have individual Firewall settings, safety on the Internet cannot be guaranteed.



Should you need any help or assistance during school closure, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I would also love to hear your news and see your work, art projects, progress with our Virtual Sports Day, photos, videos etc. I will put all of these into our class gallery below, so that you can see what your friends have been doing to keep busy! My email address is:



Coronavirus - Explained for Children

Willis Events & Marketing have crated this video using current, available NHS advice. As parents of young children, our aim is to provide a tool to help parents explain the current events surrounding Coronavirus to their children.