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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

We will be using the school website in the event of a school and nursery closure to give work and ideas to use for the children at home.


Each month I will add activity ideas, topic work, apps or links that you may wish to use at home with your children.


Please continue to use the Heinmann Numeracy workbooks at home. I will add some additional numeracy activties online. 


Work for March and early April has been sent home with the children already.

A pack for April (weeks 3 and 4) and May will be available to collect from the school on Monday 23rd March between 10.00am and noon. 



If you wish to contact me during any period of closure my email address is,


You can access the online learning via the 'Home Learning' link below.

Coronavirus - Explained for Children

Willis Events & Marketing have crated this video using current, available NHS advice. As parents of young children, our aim is to provide a tool to help parents explain the current events surrounding Coronavirus to their children.