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Week 4

Art Activities.

I know you probably think you're too old to watch Peppa Pig, but this is the episode where Grampy takes them to the moon to find Peppa's golden boots! You might get some inspiration to help you design your Space Holiday poster...


Use the template above, or try it yourself. You could use Word on your PC/laptop (we did this in school), or if you're using an iPad use Pic Collage, or any other poster maker app you might have.

Fun Space related Activities.

Here is an interesting series of video clips by Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield. He was the first Canadian to walk in Space, has flown two Space Shuttle missions and has served as commander of the International Space Station.


Can you sing along with the StoryBots for the last week of our topic? sad

Here are some of your favourites, and some you might not have heard yet. Enjoy!!!