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Week 1


When most people think of Pirates today they picture Captain Jack Sparrow from the movie "Pirates of the Carribean." However, Pirates have been around for a long time! Even the famed Julius Caesar spent time as a pirate prisoner. During Medieval times, the most common pirates were the Vikings (you will find out more about them in Year 6!)


The most well known and feared pirates of all time were those of the Carribean, who were most active during the 1600's and 1700's. Certain Captains and Pirates stood out for a variety of reasons. Find out more information in the Powerpoint below:


Carry out some research of your own. Choose a Pirate that interests you and spend some time finding out more about them. You can search the internet, check books, encyclopaedias etc.


Some pointers to help you:

  • name?
  • date of birth?
  • teenage years?
  • how did they become a pirate?
  • did they have their own boat/crew?
  • memorable features? (eye patch, wooden leg)
  • country/area?
  • famous for?
  • how did they die?


Use your exercise book to note down your facts, or use the Pirate themed pages below: