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Please read and discuss the following PowerPoints with your child.


Click the image to download the Recycling Photo PowerPoint (1).

Or using the link below you can download the PDF. Then click the second link to access the Recycling Information PowerPoint (2).

Morris' Material Hunt

You should have an activity sheet in you May folder to find and sort different materials found around your home.

Use the following vocabulary: environment, pollution, litter, recycle, up-cycle, rot/decay

Have a chat about why we recycle in our homes and the need to keep our environment safe for animals, wildlife and ourselves to enjoy!


If you are able to, please download the following app on an i-pad or phone:

C Collins Big Cat e-book 'At the Dump'


Pupil Task 1

Science Experiment:

  • Leave out an apple core, a banana skin, some orange peel on a plate for a few days. surprise
  • Watch cool every day how it changes and discuss what is happening.


Pupil Task 2 (Have a look in ECO Crafts to get some ideas!)

Make a Litter Person:

  • Collect some litter from your house such as yogurt cartons (cleaned!), crisp packet, biscuit wrappers, straws, bottle tops,  anything you like.
  • Get a sheet of paper or card and some glue.
  • Use your litter to create your very own litter person and stick it down.

Read and enjoy 'The Old Toy Room' with your child.


Click on the book to download the ebook.


Or open the PDF book below.

Pupil Task 1

From your May folder find the Indoor and Outdoor toys sort. Cut out the 16 pictures of toys and sort and paste into the correct box.  



Please read and discuss the following PowerPoints and videos with your child:

Pupil Task 2

From the May folder find the Pull and Push Toy Sort. Complete by cutting and pasting.


Pupil Task 3

Have a go at designing your own toy! Think about the following things:

  • what materials would your need to use to make it?
  • does it use the force push or pull to make it work?
  • does it need a magnet or a spring? 
  • does it need the wind or water to make it move?
  • Gather up scraps of card, plastic, string, bottle tops etc. you have around the house.
  • Now, see if you can use your design to make your 3D toy!
  • If you make one, get someone to take a photo and send it to me. angel