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VE Day

Why do we celebrate VE day?

An explanation of World war 2, VE day and why we celebrate it for young children.

V E Day in London - 1945

V E Day began with Mr Churchill's broadcast officially announcing the end of war in Europe. Londoners took to the streets in celebrations which continued for...

Suggested Timeline for Friday 8th May: VE Day Celebrations 
(Recommended for children aged 8 - 11 years)

This short film explains what VE Day and VJ Day were, and the events that led to the end of the war.

An eye-witness called Alan, who was a child at the time, recalls seeing the celebrations in London as he went on his paper round, and his bittersweet reaction, having lost his mother during the war.

Here’s a great website from the National Army Museum.  It's<>.  There are two days of celebrations with a huge programme from 10am today and runs on Saturday too.  This includes interviews, Winston Churchill's Victory Speech and a live Jitterbug Victory Dance at 4pm!  You can also download a party pack which has colouring tasks to make bunting as well as war time recipes.  That is your bank holiday weekend sorted!!