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Suggested Activities

Running out of supplies, might be fun to try making your own...

Google 3D Animals


This is lots of fun to do at home!  I have made a video to show you how to use it.  It is usually very straight forward, but can be a little tempermental!

IMG_8107 (1).mp4

Still image for this video

Letter Formation

If your are learning any letters at home, these are way we learn to write them in nursery and in school.

Letter Formation

With Easter fast approaching, here is a lovely outdoor art activity from early years outdoor.
The Body Coach not holding you child's attention? Give Jump Start Jonny a go!

Kids Dance and Exercise Video | Jump Start Jonny | Freeze

Purple Day


Just because we aren't in nursery, doesn't mean we cant have purple day!  You can wear something purple or take part in a purple activity such as:

  • Paint or draw something that is purple
  • Go on a purple hunt-what purple things can you find around your house?
  • Make purple grapes using paint and the end of a toilet roll holder or bubble wrap
  • Choosing the purple stickers from a sticker sheet and sticking them on a page
  • Or anything else you choose! Use your imagination and share your ideas!


Do it on any day that suits you in April and send your pictures to my email address,

Scissor Skills Ideas


Keep us the scissor practice, they will need these for Year 1.


Learning To Write Their Name


Learning to write their name is a big achievement!  Sometimes it comes easily and for others it takes lots of practice. 

If your child enjoys writing and can write their first name why not try teaching them how to write their surname?

Don't panic if your child cannot write their name yet, there is plenty of time! Here are some tips:


  • Encourage them to told their pencil correctly
  • Always use a capital for their first name, but not any other letter
  • Don't force it, if its a struggle, start with the first letter and build on it
  • It can be frustrating, try to be as patient as possible


Here are some fun ways to practice that we like to use in nursery: