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Getting Ready for School

Each week I will post a new focus for starting school.  I would love to see pictures of your child doing this, please send this to me via my school email address or through the Seesaw App if you would prefer!



June week 4


Sadly we didn't get to do all the usual things we would normally do to prepare your child for moving to 'big school' this year.  So at home these are some suggestions of things you could do/talk about with your child to help prepare them for Year 1:


  • School routines-break, lunch etc
  • Playing in the playground
  • What a school day will be like
  • Who will drop them off and pick them up from school
  • Look at pictures of Year 1 on the school website
  • Read books about starting school
  • Talk about their teacher


Here is a message from Miss Pearson!



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Week 3

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June Week 3-The Lunchbox Challenge!


There are lots of skills required when in eating lunch in school, there will always be an adult at hand to help, but it will be good to be able to as much as you can yourself.  Here are some challenges for this week!


  • Challenge 1: Can you open and close your lunchbox, tubs and your water bottle?
  • Challenge 2: Practise peeling a banana or orange, can you do it by yourself?
  • Challenge 3: Can you open yogurts or packets of food?
  • Challenge 4: Can you tidy up after yourself? Put your rubbish in the bin, put all your belongings back in the lunch box etc
  • Challenge 5: You might like to eat school dinners, can you:
    • sit up at the table properly until your meal is finished
    • show good table manners
    • eat your dinner with a knife and fork

Hello Everyone!

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June Week 2-Working on Independence 


This week I would like the boys and girls to focus on independence!


Choose anything from the list below that your child find difficult or needs to be reminded about:


  • Going to the toilet themselves-closing the door/cleaning themselves/flushing the toilet/ washing their hands/drying their hands/turning off the toilet light or what ever else applies in your home.
  • Hygiene will be extra important when the children return to school, does your child remember how to wash their hands properly? Can they blow their own nose and dispose of their tissue?
  • Encourage your child to tidy up after themselves- put their shoes away/hang their coat up/put away their own toys/help set the table/put away their plates
  • Taking turns- Ensuring it isn't always their turn to 'go first' or letting them win every time will prepare them for when they go to school and they have to take turns with other children.  For example, take turns at picking a book to read or a game to play.


It may be helpful to have a chart where they could tick off tasks they have completed or a star chart for the week to encourage them.



Wash Your Hands Song | Music for Kids | The Singing Walrus

June Week 1: Clothes Challenge! 


In school you will need to be able to dress yourself, can you complete these challenges? 


Day 1: Can you put your jumper or t-shirt on and take it off by yourself?  


Day 2: Can you put on your own trousers or skirt?  Practice on a pair that has a zip/button.


Day 3: Can you put your coat on and off yourself and do the zip?


Day 4: Can you put shoes on and off yourself?

Tip-a sticker cut in half and put on the inside of each shoe can help them put the shoes on the right feet.


Day 5:  Extra challenge! Sometimes you will put your jumper under your desk, its best to do this as neatly as possible, can you learn how to fold your jumper?

Putting on Coat with Flip Trick