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Getting Ready for School

Each week I will post a new focus for starting school.  I would love to see pictures of your child doing this, please send this to me via my school email address or through the Seesaw App if you would prefer!



June Week 1: Clothes Challenge! 


In school you will need to be able to dress yourself, can you complete these challenges? 


Day 1: Can you put your jumper or t-shirt on and take it off by yourself?  


Day 2: Can you put on your own trousers or skirt?  Practice on a pair that has a zip/button.


Day 3: Can you put your coat on and off yourself and do the zip?


Day 4: Can you put shoes on and off yourself?

Tip-a sticker cut in half and put on the inside of each shoe can help them put the shoes on the right feet.


Day 5:  Extra challenge! Sometimes you will put your jumper under your desk, its best to do this as neatly as possible, can you learn how to fold your jumper?

Putting on Coat with Flip Trick