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Each Monday morning pupils read through all the spelling words and discuss or look up any they are unsure of - no point in learning to spell a word if you don't know how to use it. Pupils choose 5 words from their spellings and write the definitions for these words, these should be written in their own words and not copied straight from the dictionary. Then they write 5 sentences using any/as many of their spellings as they like, doing this helps to ensure that children understand and can apply the new vocabulary. 


On a Wednesday we have our weekly phonics task based on the focus sound. This can be a range of things but the important learning is the sound itself, how it is written and said. Included with these activities is a website link which will help explain the sound and its variations to anyone who is unsure.


There are some additional activities at the bottom, traditional games such as hangman can help with spelling and pupils are used to using multi-sensory methods (see spelling menu) or apps on the iPad, such as Spellboard, Spelling Test and PopWords.