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Answer to the 'finding out' task of the week. Well done Sami!

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And Ryan!

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Picture 1 Max's 'favourite animal' (part 1).
Picture 1 Max working hard with big numbers
Picture 2 Luke's best handwriting ever!
Picture 1
Picture 1 Cheeky faces!
Picture 2 Toby can classify animals.
Picture 1 Freddie made a giraffe, his favourite zoo animal.
Picture 1 Holly and her dog doing lots of marble sorting!
Picture 1 Leah working hard at handling data!
Picture 2 Head down for Handa's Surprise.
Picture 1 Oliver has been doing a spot of modelling!
Picture 2 And he has been writing about it too.
Picture 3 Max and Sebastian have been writing to each other!
Picture 4 Max has made a bird feeder.

Aria reading her Report Writing about Goats

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Alec's obstacle race

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Picture 1 Toby handling data!
Picture 2 Toby has been writing about a familiar lighthouse!
Picture 3 I like your parrot Sami!
Picture 4 I bet that didn't last long Luke!
Picture 5 Max and his rainbow birdhouse.
Picture 6 Max has been making a lockdown journal!
Picture 1 Looks like Freddie has his own zoo!
Picture 2 Super work Ella!
Picture 3 Joel has been busy with the silage!
Picture 4 What a lot of cars Ryan. And where are your teeth?
Picture 1 Fun at the beach.
Picture 2 Indie wrote about her day out. Great story Indie!
Picture 1 Ella's super Litter Person!
Picture 2 Freddie can make his own play dough.
Picture 3 Great idea to learn spellings!
Picture 1 Farrah on the toy horse she made!
Picture 2 Brilliant spellings Jake!
Picture 1 Ruby has been doing a great job too!
Picture 1 Alec keeping fit with Joe Wicks (and his brother)!
Picture 2 Someone is working hard!
Picture 3 A brilliant patchwork elephant made by recycling.