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Week 1: Subtraction of a Single-Digit from a 2-digit number (Main Group)


Feel free if necessary to use a number line or a 100 square to begin with. What we try to focus on for these, and what is more helpful in the long-term, is thinking about what we do know to work out what we don't know. For example we know that :

6 - 2 = 4, and so,

36 - 2 = 34

76 - 2 = 72 and so on.....


Complete pages 16 and 17 of NHM booklet ‘Addition and Subtraction to 100’


An excellent interactive 100 square resource is ‘Splat Square’ that can be accessed through the primarygames website. P3s are very familiar with it. It is very helpful when looking at sequences and patterns in Maths. 




Week 1: Subtracting 10 (Main Group)


Please use 'Splat Square' to practise subtracting 10 from a 2-digit number. This will be very helpful for visual learners. Repeated subtraction of 10 eg:

72 - 10 = 62

62 - 10 = 52

52 - 10 = 42.....and so on will help the children to see patterns and will ultimately help when taking tens numbers (ie 20, 30, 40 etc) from a two digit number. 

After lots of practise with this and lots of discussion about patterns that have emerged (ie taking one ten and no units) your P3 will be ready to complete pages 18 of NHM 'Addition and Subtraction to 100'.

Week 1: Subtraction from 20 (Small Group)

Practice of subtraction from 20 should include the use of concrete materials eg cubes, marbles etc. Moving on from concrete materials children should use their knowledge of subtraction from 10 to help them. Avoiding use of number lines will, in the long term,  help retention and recall of these facts and also, very importantly, help them develop strategies for calculation.
Please work on any relevant pages from NHM Workbook ‘Addition and Subtraction from 20’. Page 31 will be particularly useful.

Week 2: Subtraction of a teens number from a two-digit number (Main Group)

Please also complete pages 19,20,23 and 24 of NHM Addition and Subtraction to 100

Week 2: Subtracting a single digit up to 30 (Small Group)



Please revise from pages 30, 32 and 33 NHM Booklet Addition and Subtraction to 20.

Mental Maths

Children should have practice subtracting mentally from a two-digit number. This includes taking away a single digit, ten and then a 'teens' number.


Please avail of our Sumdog membership and personal logon details (in green folder from school).




Useful Apps for mental subtraction that we use in the classroom are:

  • Wipeout Wall
  • Maths Bingo
  • Sumdog