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Numeracy - ORANGE


LESSON 1 - 4th June - MONEY PROBLEMS: solve multi-step word problems involving money


You can choose to use either the Powerpoint or the Worksheets to do your work today.  Both are the same work just presented in different ways - so just whatever works best for you.

Watch the PowerPoint Presentation firstly and then look at the Task Guidance notes.


Read the 'Budgeting Task Notes' FIRSTLY.  After this activity why not test your skills with the 'Budgeting PowerPoint Quiz'. 

There is also an extra activity on budgeting for a Pizza Night if you want some further practice.  You could even help your parents budget for the next Take Away meal your family is having and you could work out the price of all the items and see if it's within a certain budget.

Watch the PowerPoint firstly, then follow the 'Value for Money Lesson Notes' and complete the numbered tasks.  


LESSON 6 - 19th June - BEING A CRITICAL CONSUMER: be able to compare products to work out the best deal

Work through the PowerPoint, then look at the 'Being a Critical Consumer Lesson Notes' and complete the activities explained there.


You have had a wee look at running your own business earlier this year when you made, marketed and sold your Quote Jars.  Watch the two PowerPoint Presentations - 'Running a Business' and 'Profit and Loss Account' and then have a go at some of the Profit and Loss Problem Solving Cards in the 2 packs provided.