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This great activity came from The Dad Lab. You can see the video on Facebook


We are turning an empty cardboard box into a football table!⠀ ⠀


- a small cardboard box⠀

- tape⠀

- a piece of green paper⠀

- white pencil⠀

- 4 bamboo skewers⠀

- 14 wooden clothes pegs⠀

- markers in two colours ⠀

- a ping pong ball or scrunched up ball of paper ⠀

- scissors or utility knife⠀


(1) Cut the top of the box.⠀

(2) Reseal the bottom of the box, so that it is flat inside the box.⠀

(3) Use a white pencil to draw a football field at the green piece of paper and stick it to the bottom of the box.⠀

(4) Cut out goals at both sides of the box.⠀

(5) Pierce sides of the box with 4 bamboo skewers.⠀

(6) Fix one side of each skewer with a peg and colour the opposite side with a marker. Use the same colour as the colour of the team.⠀

(7) Clip 5 red pegs on one side of the field and 5 blue pegs on the other.⠀

(8) Now drop a ping pong ball into the middle of the field and start scoring!⠀