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Streamvale Farm Learning Live

Streamvale Farm have launched Learning Live on Facebook. Go to Facebook for details!

Make Homeschooling more fun with... LEARNING LIVE! 🐷 

Look at this throwback of Shannon & Penny! 🥰 

This week you will get the chance to see how big Penny has got with our NEW Live Video Series! 

For the next 4 weeks tune into our Learning Live Series and make home schooling more engaging! 

We will go ‘Live’ on Friday Mornings to learn about all of our animals!

This week’s theme is... PIGS! 🐽 

Shannon will show you around the farm and teach you all about our pigs. This is for younger kids .... but big kids are always welcome! 

Tune in this FRIDAY at 11.30am and be introduced to all of our lovely pigs! 🐷