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As part of our Erasmus+ project pupils have been learning about their rights as listed by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. While doing some research Yr 7 were shocked to discover that girls across the world do not have the same rights as boys, purely due to their gender.


As a class they felt strongly that this was wrong and wanted to generate awareness of the struggles of girls globally. After watching a video by Global Goals Yr 7 decided to make their own version. Our boys were very supportive, some appearing in the video and others researching statistics that we could use. The girls worked hard to learn lyrics and prefect their fiercest expressions.


So at last we present you with Freedom For Girls. With huge thanks to Paul Grant for videoing and editing.


Yr 7 hope that you both enjoy it and are educated by it. Join us in fighting for Freedom for Girls.


Check out the video on Moneyrea TV or our Facebook Page.