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Northern Ireland Centenary Fun Day

Years 1 - 7 will be celebrating Northern Ireland's Centenary during the first week in June, culminating in a Centenary Fun Day on Friday 4th June.

We are all dressing up for the day in 1920s' style or as Northern Irish personalities.

Ideas could include: school children, shipyard workers, railwaymen, farmers, mill workers, men in suits and bowler hats, nurses, teachers, toffs, King George V or Queen Mary etc.

The Centenary Fun Day will include 7 sessions for each class, sharing Northern Ireland's rich culture and heritage: Ulster Scots' music and language (Willie Drennan), Highland dance (Michelle Johnston), Irish language (Linda Ervine), story telling, art and craft, Belfast street games (AK) and hopefully a visit from the NI100 Mini.

We need some narrow cardboard boxes such as tinfoil holders and inner cardboard tubes to make Samson and Goliath cranes and flattened cardboard to recreate the hexagonal stones of the Giant's Causeway, toilet roll inners, spools, fairy liquid tubes and small boxes to create steam engines.

We are also looking forward to a whole school BBQ at lunch time.

To ensure our programme runs smoothly and on time, we are asking that all of our Yr1-7 children are in school for 8.45 am on the day. School will close at our normal Friday time of 2.00pm.