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Moneyreagh Community Support Hub


Folks we know how difficult 2020 has been for our families and our community. Some have lost loved ones, some have suffered bouts of illness or depression, some have lost income or even their jobs - no one in our community is immune to life changing circumstances.

Please remember no matter how hard it is for you there is always help here at Moneyreagh Community Support Hub. Our groups can provide help or find someone who can help you. Do not struggle in silence; do not suffer alone.

Community is caring!

This Christmas if you know someone who is struggling to make ends meet, we can supply all the ingredients they will need to enjoy a hearty Christmas dinner.  (Perhaps it is you or your family?)

No family in our community should struggle to enjoy a special meal this Christmas 🎄 

Private message Rory Blake-Knox  (07789 008044) in total confidence and a hamper with turkey 🦃, vegetables 🌽 and all the trimmings will be delivered to your home in the week before Christmas Day.

Happy Christmas 🌟