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Keeping Safe

As the clocks move forward one hour this weekend and the evenings stretch and the weather warms up (hopefully), our children may be spending a little more time playing outside in the street or at the park.

They are like hibernating squirrels and hedgehogs emerging from their winter sleep. Consequently, they may have forgotten some important stuff like keeping safe crossing the road, wearing a helmet when cycling and some basic safety rules.

It is therefore important that we remind them of some simple rules to help keep them safe when they are out and about.

First; establish that a stranger is just someone they haven't met before.

Second; a trustworthy adult (stranger) would never approach a child to ask directions or for help.

Third; not all adults are kind and helpful.

It is okay to SHOUT 'NO' TO A STRANGER and to run to a safe place (shop, school, home, neighbour etc.)

Our mantra at Moneyrea is:

Never talk to a stranger;

Never take from a stranger;

Never go with a stranger.

Say where you’re going;

Say who you’re with;

Say when you’ll be home.

We understand that children are more often harmed by people they know, but this advice applies specifically to being out and about on their own.

We should revisit this advice often in a non-alarming and reassuring manner.

It is giving our children the tools to help them keep safe.