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Getting Ready to Fly the Nest


Our Yr7 pupils received news of their new schools today and I just want to pause for a moment to remind them:

The bricks and mortar and fancy gates of your new school don’t make for a good education.

The colour of a tie or blazer, does not determine educational outcomes.

The number of Doctors or Masters or Honours graduates 🎓 on a staff does not ensure learning.

Even the reputation of a school, positive or otherwise does not settle your educational opportunities.

What matters is your resolve, your commitment to succeed, your determination to overcome difficulties and your understanding that within each and everyone of us there lies a reservoir of potential that we can never exhaust. Just bee 🐝 lieve in yourself ....

There is a bumblebee poster hanging at the NASA Space Science Center that says:

"The aerodynamic body of bumblebees is not fit to fly, but it's good that the bumblebee doesn't know about it."

Aerodynamic theory would say the width of a 🐝 bee’s wings is too small to keep her massive body in flight; but the bee doesn't know this. The bee 🐝 knows nothing about physics or its logic; it flies.

Bumblebees, regardless of the size of their wings, fly and enjoy such productive lives.

Be like the bee 🐝 and fly despite whatever or whoever stands in your way. 

PS I know I am guilty of mixing metaphors 🤦‍♂️