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This year's post-primary transfer tests have been put back to January 2021.

AQE - 9, 16 and 23 Jan
GL - 30 Jan

The AQE test will now last for 70 min.

Results will issue to parents on Saturday 6 March

I am sure many of us will have our opinions about the relative merits and demerits of this decision. However, it is vitally important that all parents of Yr7 pupils play this decision up as a positive to our children.

Whether we agree or not is irrelevant and feeding our children's minds with negativity about a decision which is beyond our control will only serve to increase anxiety, when our role as parents and teachers is to minimise anxiety and maximise positivity.

I would ask all Yr7 parents to play this as a positive: more time for catch up, more time for revision, more time for practice etc.

And yes, it is vital that we do not allow the AQE/GL Grinch to steal our Yr7 children's Christmas 2020.

Our pupils will be well-prepared, they know the drill, they know our mantra, 'I can and I will do my best'. Asking a child to give their best is something they can all achieve, something they can all do, something that, if we stick to it, will build their confidence.

So it's not about the high score they would all love to achieve, and it's not about getting to their favourite school; these goals are not guaranteed for every child. Instead, we must shift our children's focus to something that they can all deliver, something they can all achieve; their best.

And the outcome of focusing on an achievable goal for every child sitting the test, is reduced stress, reduced fear, reduced anxiety and maximum performance. It's a win all round!