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AQE Announce Single Test

Everything changes and nothing changes!

I could spend the next 20 minutes venting my frustration and dismay. But that would serve no useful purpose.

Despite this latest announcement our task as parents and teachers remains the same:

To lift up our little chicks; they have been let down in today’s unnecessary storm.

Our task is therefore to comfort and reassure any who are confused or anxious, and to provide stability when everything is in turmoil.


My initial thoughts are:

We need to be open with our children and explain that they will sit one AQE test in February.

We need to turn this negative situation into a positive:

Many of our children were disappointed that after all of their hard work they would not have the opportunity to sit the tests.

Good news .... you will have opportunity to show how hard you worked.


Even better news ... you only have to sit one test not three!

I also feel it is important that the children have a break from transfer preparation for a few days. They need to recharge their batteries to avoid transfer fatigue. We will then pick up the baton and finish this race together.


Our children are not immune to all of the uncertainty going on around them, so Katie our school counsellor is going to join one of Miss Daly’s famous zoom meetings next week to help the children to think about their feelings. She is amazing and I know this will be helpful.


We have constantly spoken to our boys and girls about the importance of giving their best, no matter the circumstances. Little did we know that they would face all of these additional challenges!

However, I know, they have worked extremely hard, they are determined and resilient and most importantly, they understand that all that is required is that they give their best.

Their focus is not the high score they would all like to achieve or the school they might like to go to next.


Our Moneyrea mantra hasn’t changed.

‘I can and I will do my best!’

Our focus is on something which each child can give, whether they find their work difficult or relatively easy.

Essentially, this decision means that we as Yr7 parents and teachers have to up our game. We are about to earn our corn, mother hens.


So while chaos looks likely to overcome us, we will lift our children up, we will pick up the pieces and we will make a fist at the storm and complete our primary school journey together.