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Announcing Screen Free Friday

This Friday we are inviting our school families and staff to enjoy a screen-free day. This is an opportunity to unplug, play, explore, connect and rediscover the joys of life beyond digital screens. 

When we turn off we don’t lose out! An hour once dedicated to YouTube Kids becomes an hour spent outside building a den; ten minutes lost on social media turns into 30 minutes spent doodling; a movie on a rainy afternoon is replaced by time spent reading, chatting, or performing a mini-play or dance routine!

Creative, imaginative play has been displaced in our children’s lives by the bright lights and wizardry of the internet and digital media. Time to go ‘old school’!

Your child’s learning timetable will be blank for this Friday, but trust me the learning will continue. Teachers won’t be responding on Seesaw; they won’t be preparing online work and they won’t be marking or emailing. This is screen downtime for everyone. 

The possibilities are limitless and the benefits unmeasurable. Just put down those screens and do literally anything else! Guaranteed to do us all the world of good!

We will be posting some ideas and I’m sure you’ll have some of your own. Plan for it, make a day of it, enjoy it; make it work. As someone famous once said, ‘It’s gonna be great!’

Just one small cheat, please take some great photos of your SCREEN FREE FRIDAY activities and send them to your child’s teacher via Seesaw.