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A Message for All Moneyrea Parents

A Message for All Moneyrea Parents

Moneyrea Primary and Nursery School will be open on Monday for the children of key workers.


We are here to support the families of our health workers and frontline keyworkers. We bow our heads in thanks for the selfless sacrifice so many are making on our behalf.


However, I am deeply concerned by the lack of clarity provided by the DE around school closure/opening.


School opening has not been risk assessed by the DE or EA (we will undertake asap);


Protective resources have not been provided to schools;


We have not received an action plan as to how to set up the school etc.


I therefore feel compelled to write to you.


My advice may be out of step with recent DE announcements; but this it is what I feel is in the best interests of our school community, pupils, families and staff.


It may seem blunt, it is meant to be.

It may offend, it is not intended to.


1. School is now officially CLOSED.

Schools have been closed to achieve social separation, to restrict transmission of the Coronavirus and to keep our children and staff safe.


2. ALL parents should now make provision to keep their children at home.


3. Children should NOT be in school.



4. School will be open for the children of KEY WORKERS.

  • The children of key workers should only be sent to school when there is NO OTHER OPTION available to them.
  • Where a second parent is not a keyworker, they should provide care for their children at home.


5. Single parents, who are key workers, and can make no alternative provision, may send their children to school.


6. Vulnerable children, who have underlying health concerns should NOT be in school.


7. Children who have statements of educational need for Autism, ADHD, learning support etc. should NOT be in school.


I must be clear:

  • I want a minimum of staff and a minimum of pupils in school.
  • If we are to practise social separation, the fewer children we have in school the safer we will all be.


However, we will be here to support our frontline health workers and key workers who are doing an amazing and selfless job for us all.


Together we are stronger.