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Mental Maths Week 4

Try out these interactive Maths games this week!


How to play Daily Ten:

Choose Level 1


Missing Number Calculations

Up to 20

Have your whiteboard/paper/book ready to write down your answers

You can choose to be timed or just press "manual!

Reveal all the answers at the end and check your work.

How did you do?

Try some other levels, or different subjects from the menu...

How to play Hit the Button:

In the main menu, choose Doubles or Halves

Choose from the number range, or the multiples if you want a trickier challenge!

Hit the button when you know the answer to the displayed sum.

What score can you get in 60 seconds?

Challenge a member of your family! Have a competition - who can get the best score?

Challenge yourself to beat your own score. What's the best you can get?