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Welcome to May! I hope everyone is still well and enjoying the lovely May weather. More important than all this work is to make sure your P3 gets outside every day.....sometimes harder than it should be with all the indoor, screen-shaped distractions! I am so aware as I post this inordinate amount of work that some of you might feel pressure to complete it all....please don't. You know what is important for your own P3 and it'll not be the same as for anyone else. Reading, writing, a bit of Maths, conversation and plenty of outside fun is generally a recipe for a productive  and happy day. 

Please get in touch if you have any queries or your P3 is anxious about any of the learning. There are so many quality resources out there which can become confusing and overwhelming. Many of you will be working hard yourselves from home and having to share devices, juggling your children's learning with your own work/sanity! My email is: