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NHM = (New Heinemann Maths) workbooks


Remember the following schedule is only a guide to help you work with your child. However, please complete activities in the order of each week, to aid understanding and progression in learning. Once again the NHM checklist book can be used for fast workers or extension activities.

It is much more important that children understand number processes than complete a lot of written work. This is gained through practical activities (suggested pupil tasks), and using concrete resources.


Number Facts:

Week 1:

The Messy Magpie:

  • colour by number.
  • Some pupil will have an extension activity to plot references on a grid.


Numberwork: Revise the vocabulary add, plus, addition, makes.

                       NHM Addition to 10 workbook p.13-15

                       If needed, use a numberline  and use concrete objects for making 9 and 10

  • Log in to 'My Stuff' in Active Learn (Bug Cub) to access 'The Maths Factor' number bonds



Week 2:


Language to use: full, empty, half full, nearly full, almost empty, holds more than, holds less than, estimate, guess, cupful, spoonful

Resources needed: see NHM measures workbook p.17-20. Use similar containers and you will need a basin of water (and a big towel!).

Do the following tasks over a series of days.


PUPIL TASKS p. 17-18

  • Have some free play (and some fun! devilwink)
  • Look at the picture of the little girl p.17
  • Lay out the required containers for p.17-18
  • Think about which container holds more/less
  • Have a guess/estimate



  • Lay out the containers and find a teaspoon and an egg cup for p.19
  • Decide each time whether the teaspoon or the egg cup is best to fill each container
  • Do the addition and subtraction problems on p.20


Week 3:


Language to revise: after, before, between, larger, smaller, largest, smallest, more than, less than, order

Revision work: NHM Numbers to 20 workbook p.23-25


  • Log in to 'My stuff' in Active Learn (Bug Club) to access 'The Maths Factor' adding 1 to numbers up to 30


Week 4:


Language to revise: take-away, subtract, minus, how many are left?


  • Make several groups of cars/blocks/counters up to the number 10
  • Examples:

       "Take 5 from 8. How many are left?"

       "Take 3 from 6. How many are left?" 


NHM Subtraction to 10 workbook p. 17-25


  • Log in to 'My Stuff' in Active Learn (Bug Club), for extension work in the 'Maths Factor' subtract 1 from numbers 11-30