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NHM = (New Heinemann Maths) workbooks


The following schedule is only a guide. Remember some children will complete all suggested

activities, others will not. Work at your own child's pace, as we would in class.


If unfinished, the NHM checklist book, sent home in March can be used for fast workers. There are also maths pages in the 'Frog' project book sent home.


Number Facts:

Week 3:

Counting in 2's - recite the rhyme '2, 4, 6, 8 Mary at the garden gate,,,'

Watch the following video:

Follow up activity - Use a numberline to count forwards and backwards in 2's within 20.

Lay out sorting objects/counters/blocks in groups of 2's. Emphasise that all 'even' numbers have a partner.

Complete NHM Numbers to 20  p.15.


  • Ask your child to set out an odd number of odd objects/counters/blocks.
  • Ask him/her to put into groups of 2's.
  • Discuss that one member of the group does not have a partner/friend. This is an 'odd' number. 

Follow up NHM p.16

Worksheets: Pupil Sheet 7

                   Even and odd Number grid


Numberwork: NHM Addition to 10 p.9-12

                       If needed use a group of 8 objects for 'Make 8' at the bottom of p.12.


  • Log in to 'My Stuff' in Active Learn (Bug Club) to access 'The Maths Factor' counting to 20
Week 4:

Ordinal Number:


Line up teddies, cars even siblings(!) and act out a race. Who came first, second, third etc?

Watch the following video:


Follow up NHM Numbers to 20 P.21-22

Numberwork: Revise the words subtract, take-away, less than.


  • Lay out several groups of objects/counters/blocks up to 10.
  • Take zero away from some groups ie. 6-0=6
  • Take complete members away from other groups ie. 8-8=0

Remind your child that when you take a number away from itself it always leaves zero.

Remind your child that when you subtract zero from a number it remains unchanged.

NHM Subtraction to 10 p.13-16


  • Log in to 'My Stuff' in Active Learn (Bug Club) to access 'The Maths Factor' - subtracting from 10