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Work Packs sent home in the middle of March will provide pupils with enough work for the remaining two weeks in March. To add to this, if required, the following activities can be found below:


  • Spelling Grids
  • Phonics Activities
  • Dictionary Work
  • Vocabulary Sheets
  • Mental Maths Answer Sheets
  • Additional Mental Maths Tasks


All of the work provided does not need to be completed, but is there to support you and your child. Pupils should have a copy of their weekly spellings grid, in the event they do not, they have been uploaded here. A weekly Phonics activity has been included and a website link to help anyone unsure of the focus sound. 


In the Work Packs received Tuesday 24th March there is a new 12 week Mental Maths booklet. One section is completed each week, you could do A, B and C on separate mornings or all in one session. Answers have been included below for the Orange and Green Groups. Colours correspond to the NHM assessment books that were sent home in the original work packs.