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It is very important that children continue to practise their phonics, handwriting and reading at home. 




We encourage you to recap and revise sounds daily (one sound a day is an ample amount). Note: this is a quick 10-15 minute activity.

Show them the flashcardlisten to the jolly phonics song (can be found on youtube or on the app store)practise the letter formation and ask them if they can think of words that have the sound in the beginning, middle or end.

Below is a useful guide on how to help support your child’s learning.


We have learnt the following: s, a, t, p, i, n, c/k, e, h, r, m, d, g, o, u, l, f, b, j, z, w, v, y,z, qu. 


High Frequency Words


Children are expected to learn a range of high frequency words. Create flashcards and show them to your child regularly.  


You should already have received word sets alongside homework. I have sent out more words for the coming weeks in their packs. Please do one set per week.


The HFW list was sent home in the revision packs but is also available through the link below.

Sentence Writing


Sentence writing practice should be done twice a week (3/4 sentences per week). 
Below are some prompts to help children write their sentences. 


Encourage your child to sound out High Frequency Words and simple CVC (consonant - vowel- consonant) words (c-a-t/t-i-p etc.) to help them with their sentence writing.


Ideally children should be writing these sentences on lined paper to help them with letter formation. Some children may need you to write the sentence down for them to copy or trace over but try to get them to write independently. 


Week 3 - 20/4/20 - Use this image to help your child with their clown sentence writing (see pack for more information).


Use this image to help your child with their sentence writing.



Week 4 - 27/4/20 - Use this image to help your child with their transport sentence writing.




Please register on the Oxford Owl website to access free ebooks linked to our reading scheme.

Note: you will need to register to access the books. 


Your child has been register with Bug Club. Their logins can be found in their new pack. You can login in and access an extensive range of books below:


You should be carrying out guided reading sessions with your child.


Here are some strategies and prompts to support your child's learning:

Do they recognise the word?

Do they know the initial sound?

Do they know the final sound?

Can they sound out part of the word?

Can they blend the sounds together to sound out the whole word?

Tell them to look at the picture - it may help.


You should also be reading with your child and talking about it.

Ask them if they can recall the story.

Can they predict what will happen next?

Can they identify capital letters and punctuation?

Can they comprehend the story?


*You might want to follow up your story with a short writing activity to consolidate learning.* For example if you read The Gruffalo - their sentences could be "The Gruffalo has a green wart on his nose." Please see the sentence writing section for support.


The link below is some useful information to help support your own understanding of guided reading and how to support your child.

Week 3 - 20/4/20 THE CIRCUS SHIP

Hello boys and girls!! Tonight we will be reading a very delightful story about a group of circus animals who find a new home. This is one of my favorite boo...

Wekk 4 - 27/4/20 We All Go Traveling By (US)

The video below addresses various forms of transport we have been learning in class.