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See Handwriting Practice Book in pack, (1-2 pages each day).

Ensure when learning spellings that your child adheres to the 'look, say and write' rule.

Talk about 'squeezing the sounds together'.

Week 3 - 'ip' spelling worksheet


Week 4 - 'it' spelling worksheet

Please refer to multi-sensory spelling activities in Year 2 photo gallery, for ideas to help with learning and reinforcing spellings (ie. magnetic letters, chalk board, word family hunt using highlighters, drawing in sand, making with dough etc.). Remember we all learn in different ways. Some of us are visual learners, some auditory and some kinaesthetic.



Please use the following Jolly Phonics web site and videos for introducing and teaching sounds.

This video takes a few minutes to load but please be patient as it is just as I would teach in class!

Week 3 - revision of 'ch' and 'sh' activity sheets


Week 4 - 'th' worksheets and revision of the three two letter one sound phonics


Guided Reading - Log into Bug Club using your child's user name and password for a wealth of reading. Each pupil will automatically move up a level when ready. Or/and use the other internet reading resources listed.

Tips for helping your child with reading:

  • What is the first sound?
  • What is the last sound?
  • Look for little words within words ie. 'at' in 'bat'
  • Does that sound right?
  • Does that make sense?
  • Read to the end of the sentence and come back to the 'tricky' word
  • Think what the story is about
  • Use picture clues
  • use contextual clues
  • Encourage your child to retell the story
  • Occasionally ask 'why' questions about the story
  • Praise all attempts especially when your child self-corrects!
  • Ensure that your child knows that you value and enjoy reading yourself and read some of the books your child enjoys.

Shared Reading - Our big book for these two weeks is 'The three Billy Goats Gruff'. Your child can have this story read to them on the following u tube video.



Three Billy Goats Gruff

Encourage your child to follow the words as the story is read to them.

Follow up activities:

Remember to use word mat to help with writing.


Week 3 -

  • Sequence the story. You will have a worksheet to either write sentences or sequence the story by drawing pictures. 
  • Cloze Procedure (filling in the missing words) worksheet.


Week 4 -

  • Fact finding about goats. Go to the links below and search 'facts about goats' for infant friendly information. Write some factual sentences in the Report Writing worksheet frame.

Extension Activities:

  • make props
  • spot the difference
  • word search
  • cut and paste activity