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Hi everyone, 

It's hard to believe that it is June already! Well done on all your efforts at home learning. We realise it isn't easy juggling work, family and home learning but we know that you are doing a great job!


This month, we have added a suggested weekly guide which some may find useful to help structure the week and month.  Also, work has been posted in two formats where possible:

  •  online booklet for those working from a tablet/computer
  • printables for easy printing access



Seesaw will also start this month to allow pupil/teacher interaction.


As ever, Maths and English still remain the priority but you might find some activities that your child will enjoy in the WAU and Creative sections too.


Thank you for the pictures and emails that you have sent us too.  It has been lovely to see how the boys and girls are getting on with the activities.  We have posted these pictures in the class gallery "Look Book."


All the best with June's activities and learning, 


L.Kelly and H.Speers