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iPad Apps and Online Activities

This Month's Recommended Apps


  • If using youtube at home, use the youtube kids app.  This app attempts to eliminate any inappropriate content, though should still be used under adult supervision. 
  • The Curious George Apps are great for nursery age children, the 'Curious About Shapes and Colours' app is a particular favourite of mine.
  • There is a range of great Peppa Pig apps that cover a variety of topics.

Youtube links


We teach so many vital skills in nursery to prepare your child for school.  Here are some helpful videos from youtube on how you could teach these skills at home.

Learning to Write | Early Writing Activites

Early writing is so important and a massive focus in nursery, here is a video with some ideas of how to teach pre-writing skills at home.

Pre-Reading | Teach Your Child to Read

In nursery, lots of our teaching is done through reading books. You may be doing a lot of these things already, but this video contains some helpful hints and tips.

Learning to Count | Teach Your Child to Count

Reciting or Counting?
We do lots of counting activities in nursery, here is a helpful video on how to help children learn to count.