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We will be using the school website in the event of a school and nursery closure to give work and ideas to use for the children at home.


If you wish to contact me during any period of closure my email address is,


Dear Nursery Parents,

I hope you and your family circle are well and continue to know good health in the days ahead.

From this Monday 1 June ....

We have signed up to the Seesaw app to make it easier for parents to communicate with their children’s class teachers.

This app will enable parents to send teachers video clips, photos of art work, models, projects etc. which the children have completed during lockdown.

The teacher can then post your child’s work in the gallery on Facebook, or on the Class Pages on the website.
Each child will have a unique access code which will allow parents to forward their work. 

Parents should also receive a parent link so that they can communicate with the teacher. 

To get the unique code and parent link you must first email your child’s class teacher. Please don’t email before Monday.

We cannot send the logins out in a group chat as this would contravene data protection.
To access this account you should follow these steps:

1.  Go to 

Or, install the Seesaw Class App on an iOS or Android device. 

2. Choose “I’m a Student”. 

3. Type in your child’s unique code to access your Seesaw account.

For a parent to access their account they should follow these steps:

1. Go to 

Or, install the Seesaw Family App on an iOs or Android device. 

2.  Parents will be prompted to sign in or create a new account.

3.  You will receive an email.

4. The email will appear directly in your personal inbox. 

Parents will need to choose to connect to their child’s journal.

Please be patient if there are a few teething problems with the new app. 

You can of course continue to communicate with your child’s teacher via the email provided with the initial work packs.

Best wishes,

Roy Greer

Junes getting ready for school activities
Thank you for sending your video clips, check out the finished product on Moneyrea TV.  Click the link below.

Lets continue to learn together! 


Have you done any activity at home that you have loved? Share it with us! Send a picture or video to my email address and I will upload it here.  Your nursery child will love seeing their friends.

Each month I will add activity ideas, songs, apps or links that you may wish to use at home with your children.


Work for March and early April has been sent home with the children already.



Click the icons below to  see the activities for each month.