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Weeks 3 and 4

Introduce the words ‘fossil’ (the remains of living things that have turned to stone over time) and ‘palaeontologist’.


Watch the clip about how fossils are made:



Explain to your P3 that dinosaur fossils have been found all over the world. By learning the age of fossils and examining them, palaeontologists can find out information about people, plants, animals –including dinosaurs, that lived before us


Show a world map. Name the continents. Explain that continents were once all connected into one land mass called Pangea when the dinosaurs lived. Over time parts of Pangea drifted apart to form the continents.


Use the map (A3 if possible) and labels to locate each of the continents.

To practise these continents your P3 might like to use the following game from the BBC Bitesize website:



Now, use these dinosaur cards to locate where each of the dinosaur fossils were found.
Weeks 5 and 6
Take a few days to read through this ebook about Dinosaurs, maybe just focus on the parts you and your P3 are most interested in. At the end you could try the quiz to see how much you have learned.