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WEEKS 3 and 4 (4/5 and 11/5)
1. This colourful activity allows children to be creative with shape and colour. The final dinosaurs may not be factually and anatomically correct but it won't matter! I'd love to see some of the finished products if your P3 wants to share.

2. Shoo Rayner is an illustrator who makes drawing tutorials on YouTube. Some children love this type of Art where an 'expert' gives step by step instructions to achieve a final result. It can be fun but for some it's frustrating if your P3 feels his/her final drawing is not up to scratch. Emphasise the fun aspect of this challenge!

Warning: his voice verges on the irritating so if your P3 has headphones you could use them for this!

How to draw a Stegosaurus - spoken tutorial

WEEKS 5 and 6 (18/5 and 25/5)

1. Fossil Pictures using white paint or chalk or whatever you have!
2. Beanstalk Art