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A message for Parents


A few questions have come up recently so I'm going to bullet point some quick points for your information:

  • Firstly - do what you can. In some topics there is a lot to get through - do what you can realistically get completed with your child and where they are at at this moment in time.


  • Google Classroom is available if you wish your child to sigh up to it. The main purpose is to provide a facility for your child to ask questions if they are stuck on anything. Not to provide another workload. 


  • Children hoping to sit the Transfer test should be completing 1 paper per week of their current packs ( don't worry about other types of papers for now).


  • It's good practice for pupils to complete papers under exam conditions - 1 hour with only a plain white rubber, a few pencils and a blank page for workings out. (they shouldn't have any other materials).


  • More papers and summer revision packs will be available for those doing transfer closer to the summer.


  • Transfer Tutor is a great resource and provides lots of revision and paper style questions. I would recommend signing up to this as another means of transfer practice. All information can be found on their website or Facebook page. 


  • Sumdog is brilliant for all pupils and works at their level; it's what we would use in school usually but now they have opened up all their resources.


  • BBC Bitesize are running home learning sessions that are worth having a look at.


  • I know in quite a few of the topics it's PowerPoint overload, but these really need worked through as its where the 'teaching' information is.


  • Lastly - if you need anything my email is on the first page, do get in contact.